Sheridancare, Joe Sharlip, (760) 440-8540 John L. Mohr Attorney at Law, John L. Mohr, (760) 285-3462 L'Olivo Italian Bistro, Sal Zavala Jr., (760) 327-0382


Bear Wear, Bear Wear, (760) 323-8940

Donald Bush Handyman Service, Don Bush, (760) 770-5250

Mugge and Man Associates, Joel Mugge (760) 422-3085<br />     Ricky Man (760) 422-3095,  

Compass Rose Financial Planning, Bob Machado, (760) 322-5200

Tarbell Realtors, Victor Minetti, (760) 346-7405

Sheridancare, Joe Sharlip, (760) 440-8540

John L. Mohr Attorney at Law, John L. Mohr, (760) 285-3462

American Cruises LLC, Lee Wood, (760) 905-3199

L'Olivo Italian Bistro, Sal Zavala Jr., (760) 327-0382

Heritage Legal, Christopher Hanson, (760) 325-2020

Morgan Henris Realtor, Morgan Henris, (760) 392-1220

Since we are a member of Prime Timers Worldwide, with over 50 chapters, membership in PTOD entitles you to participate in affiliate chapter events when you travel. Your membership card grants you entry to those affiliate club outings, and entitles you to receive discounts from some of our local merchants.


Printed Newsletters
Members who elect to receive the printed newsletter in addition to the online version will receive one newsletter each month. Any member failing to receive one, may notify the Membership Director (click here) or the Database Administrator (click here) directly. Current event listings are updated at least monthly on this site. Members who move need to complete the Change of Address form on this site thirty days in advance of the actual move. Be sure to answer all questions on the form.

Dues Structure and Membership Application Process
Membership is based on a floating twelve-month period. When your application and check are received and processed you will receive a membership card (and one for your partner if applicable) noting the expiration month and year.

Membership Fees
The 12-month membership fee is $30.00 for a single member, or $50.00 for a couple.

A "couple" means two members receiving mail at the same address. They receive only one mailing addressed to both persons. Both persons have equal membership rights. Only one mailing address is maintained in our database.

On the membership application
• Please provide your email address if you have one. Couples may list separate email addresses.
• Be sure to list your birthday(s) so that we may recognize it (them) in the newsletter. (List only Month and Day, NOT the year; we are not interested in your age so long as you are 21 or older.)
• If you spend part of the year out of the area, be sure to notify us and change your address or suspend mailings while you are gone. If your address, phone or email changes, please notify us promptly.
• Be sure to sign the application.
• Make sure your check, payable to Prime Timers of the Desert, is enclosed and mail to: Prime Timers of the Desert, PO Box 4508, Palm Springs, CA 92263.

Be a Volunteer!

Throughout the year we need members to assist with various events, projects and tasks related to many activities, including distributing munchies at mixers, checking in members at events, newsletter assembly, Pride Parade participation and much, much more. Volunteering is a great way to meet other members and have fun at the same time. If you would like to help, please check the “I’ll BE A VOLUNTEER” box on the membership application.

There is no assurance that we will call you, and if we do, you have no obligation to say “yes” for the specific task or date that we may be calling about at the time. If you are on our volunteer list, we simply know that it is ok to call you and see if you might be available.

Thank you for your interest in joining us.

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Casswod Insurance Agency LTD, Glenn Christodora, (760) 322-4466 Ext. 310

Computer Repair Dennis Reed, Dennis Reed, (760) 812-3424

Witbrodt Tax & Accounting, Bill Witbrodt, (760) 424-8916

State Farm, Tom Gleeson, (760) 322-3100

Ron Williams Palm Springs Photographer, Ron Williams, (415) 336-8642

David Harrison Personal Trainer, David Harrison, (951) 255-1301

Maryanov Madsen Gordon & Campbell, Steve Erickson, (760) 230-6642

Albert S. Johnson, CPA, Albert Johnson, (760) 469-4750

Rancho Las Palmas Dental Care, Robert Karl Jr., DDS, MPH, (760) 568-2797

Independent Financial Group, Jack Ellison, (760) 320-9565

Not So Innocent, Bill Freyer, (760) 322-0999

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