Prime Timers of the Desert is an active, non-profit social group. 
Our goal is to foster positive interaction for our members by facilitating
a variety of social, recreational and educational activities.


Daddies' Helper, Gary Seiden, (917) 715-0990

Residenza San Lorenzo, Luca Volpe, (760) 808-3756

John L. Mohr, John L. Mohr, (760) 969-6792

Mabo Kawamura, Mabo Kawamura, (760) 285-6827

Victor Ide, CSA, Victor Ide, (760) 440-8540


Prime Timers of the Desert is a social club for mature gay males, providing opportunities for its members to meet, socialize and make new friends. It is strictly social. There are no sexual references or links on this site, and no sexual activity of any kind at our events.

Our nonprofit organization welcomes male members regardless of ethnic origin, race, political or religious values. We welcome visitors to this site and hope that gay males visiting the Palm Springs area will feel free to join us at our scheduled events. Prime Timers of the Desert is an affiliate of Prime Timers Worldwide, which may be reached from this site.

Thank you for coming to our site. If you are a current member, we hope you will easily locate the event information you seek. If you are new to us, you may learn more about us, or review membership information and join us.

In either case, we hope you will navigate our entire site and contact us with your comments or questions.

Next Event

Monday, July 28 - 5:00 pm
Hunters Mixer (Free)

Hunters, 302 East Arenas Road in Palm Springs. Well drinks are $3.50, on the rocks double are $4.50. House wine and imported beers are $4.50. Domestic beer is $3.50 and sodas are $1.50. Draft Bud Light is $1.50; $3.00 other draft beers.

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