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Multipure Independent Distributor, Tim Sally, (760) 673-7370 Independent Financial Group, Jack Ellison, (760) 320-9565 Ron Williams Palm Springs Photographer, Ron Williams, (415) 336-8642


Edward Jones, Scott Jones, (760) 620-5688

Ron Williams Palm Springs Photographer, Ron Williams, (415) 336-8642

Massagebijim, Donald Kennedy, (760) 844-4358

Three Sixty North Lounge + Restaurant,  , (760) 327-1773

John L. Mohr Attorney at Law, John L. Mohr, (760) 285-3462

Bear Wear, Bear Wear, (760) 323-8940

Morgan Henris Realtor, Morgan Henris, (760) 392-1220

Brian Beard Realtor, Brian Beard, (760) 799-7096

State Farm, Tom Gleeson, (760) 322-3100

Compass Rose Financial Planning, Bob Machado, (760) 322-5200

Heritage Legal, Christopher Hanson, (760) 325-2020

HK Lane, Kenneth Townsend, (760) 422-4770

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Advertisers must:

1. Be a current member of this Prime Timers chapter for the duration of the ad run;

2. Be advertising a legitimate, legal, and ethical business endeavor;

3. Prepay the advertising fee;

4. Notify the Advertising Coordinator in advance of any ad withdrawal (payments are not refundable) or changes (additional charges may be levied for requested changes);

5. Agree to ad placement in random positions on the web site or in the newsletter at the discretion of the PTOD Board, Editor, or Advertising Director, and acknowledge that the advertising fee is not relative to any specific layout position, nor to the continuance of any position previously selected in past formats, versions or editions;

6. Understand that the acceptance of a business ad or its placement on the web site or in the newsletter does not constitute an endorsement by the PTOD organization as a whole, nor by its Board of Directors, nor the Advertising Dirrector or Newsletter Editor;

7. Acknowledge that the Board of Directors may order the withdrawal of any ad which may be deemed inappropriate for publication, without recourse, and without refund.

8. Sign the standard "Release and Indemnification" form.

The Advertisement must:

1. Be free of profanity, references to lewd conduct, inappropriate incentives for patronage, and be deemed in general good taste.

2. Clearly convey the message intent.

3. Be a standard or double size ad only, for website or newsletter formatting, in accordance with the prevailing ad rate schedule.

4. Be subject to the reproduction capabilities and graphic manipulations that are within the scope and reasonable effort of the editor or webmaster at the time of ad submission. All printed newsletter ads will appear in black and white only. Special effects, such as colors, borders, shading, or ink-intensive graphics will be removed.


Business card size ad - $300 members, $350 nonmembers
Double size ad - $600 members, $700 nonmembers

For additional information or clarification, contact the PTOD Advertising Director.
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A CRUISE 4 U, Louie Horvath, (760) 3256966

Multipure Independent Distributor, Tim Sally, (760) 673-7370

Donald Bush Handyman Service, Don Bush, (760) 770-5250

Rancho Las Palmas Dental Care, Robert Karl Jr., DDS, MPH, (760) 568-2797

Sheridancare, Joe Sharlip, (760) 440-8540

Albert S. Johnson, CPA, Albert Johnson, (760) 469-4750

Professional Home Cleaning, Regie Dake, (760) 835-5411

Tarbell Realtors, Victor Minetti, (760) 346-7405

Independent Financial Group, Jack Ellison, (760) 320-9565

Mugge and Man Associates, Joel Mugge (760) 422-3085<br />     Ricky Man (760) 422-3095,  

Tarbell Realtors, Rigoberto Lomeli, (760) 625-7045

Valley Foam Roofing, Raymond Carano, (760) 333-3556

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