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Prime Timers of the Desert
PO Box 4508, Palm Springs, CA 92263
Telephone (760) 424-8014
Email: [email protected]

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Leonard Lujan

Vice President
Ron Williams

Rick Logsdon

Director Mixers
Max Evans

Membership Director
Mike Sonner

Director Hospitality
Bob Miller

Director of Lunches
Brad Day

Director of Dinners
Ken Ayers

Director Advertising/
Special Discounts

Mike Termini

Director Special Events

Rod Pearson

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There's always something to do in Palm Springs with Prime Timers! Our Special Interest Groups are always expanding and looking for new participants. See our interest groups or contact one of the group leaders.


The following history is the web posted version written in the early years of the current decade.

Prime Timers of the Desert was founded early in 1991 by a nucleus of seven men who realized, from overcrowded private Christmas parties, in 1990 that gay males in the area simply had to have more and continual opportunities to gather. They and a number of enthusiastic supporters offhandedly decided to call their new group “Prime Timers,” initially unaware of a national gay male organization already founded for the same purpose.

By late 1992, the structure of forming a Board of Directors and officer election process led to their affiliation with the national organization, and unprecedented club growth.

Now the largest chapter of Prime Timers Worldwide, the Palm Springs club has nearly 800 members and continues to provide venues with a “meet and make new friends” theme. Organized lunches, dinners, mixers, trips, theatre outings and more have provided activity options on a monthly basis for members. Prime Timers of the Desert is particularly well known for its annual Beaux Arts Ball on New Year’s Eve, a black tie gala.

History has recorded significant contributions by each of the club Presidents listed below, and the future remains bright for members who thrive on camaraderie and the perpetual chance to meet new men in town!

Members can now read the entire newsletter online, view photographs from our various events in color, see who's interested in special interest activities, view birthday lists and post messages to members. In September of 2010 the web site was determined to need a major overhaul to remain current with internet standards. That process is currently in the works.

Past Presidents

David Doris - 2015
Jimmy Gene Walker - 2013, 2014
Wayne Patterson - 2010, 2011, 2012
Jimmy Gene Walker - 2009
Russell Schnepf - 2007, 2008
Nick Maston - 2005, 2006
Ken Keener - 2002, 2003, 2004
Wayne Patterson - 1999, 2000, 2001
Ralph Sheplow - 1997, 1998
Joe Hamel - 1996
Bill Worrall - 1995


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