The Prime Timers World Wide Convention will be held at the Riviera Resort Hotel in Palm Springs, November 2-6, 2011.

You can make your reservations by calling 1-866-588-8311. Ask for Prime Timers of the Desert rate or just say Prime Timers and the Agent will make your reservation. The room rate is $129.00 plus tax with up to four (4) people in the room. Planned events include a Thursday night Mixer; Friday night dinner with entertainment. There will be a banquet on Saturday night, with entertainment. Sunday, November 6th, 2011, is the Palm Springs Gay Pride Parade and a Brunch at the Hotel after the parade. We also want to get tickets to see the Follies, one of the greatest shows you will ever see. Just ask someone who has seen it. No one in the cast is under 50 years of age and the costumes are out of this world. One of our members is in the show and has been for many years. Once we have signed contracts with the entertainers and know what we need to charge for the convention we will have the reservation forms for you to fill out. We expect to have that completed by the end of January. I would recommend you go ahead and make your Hotel reservation. The Board (Worldwide) is meeting out here in January and we hope therefore to have details of the actual schedule by the end of January. ¬†Questions? Email [email protected]

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